Ulla Pohjola


Visual Artist

Excerpts from reviews

Excerpts from reviews

These images embroided with threads, pearls and spangles unveil before us a view to something fragile and fairytalelike.
- Marja-Terttu Kivirinta (HS 2000)
Pohjola's technical virtuosity, diligence and the control of materials is incredible.
- Kaisa Heinänen (HS, 2010)
The works are captivating in their realistic qualities and the beauty which is borrowed from the nature.
- Veikko Halmetoja (HS, 2013)
The works made with fine threads and countless hours have accumulated into themselves silent strenght along the slow journey.
- Katri Kovasiipi (Aamulehti 2012)
Ulla Pohjola's splendid works with pearl embroideries bring one´s mind to Byzantium. The figures lying in graves give a feeling of holiness with their beauty.
Katja Matikainen (Demari 2010)
Models for her colourful and deliberately detailed expression can be found in the Early Christian art, the Byzantine, Medieval and Early Renaissance art.
- Katri Kovasiipi (Aamulehti 2008)
The overall expression is delicate, fragile and in its airiness also radiant.
- Timo Valjakka (HS 2005)
The various elements in her art are as carefully considered and minutely presented as in the icon-painting.
- Hannu Pöppönen (HS 2000)
Is there room for Symbolism and small, intimate, even banal, subject-matter in contemporary textile art?
- Iiris Helkama (HS 1995)